Jacob Technologies & Software (JTEC) act, along with Heron Offshore, as joint exclusive agents for Orcina Limited in North America. We work in support of their flagship software tool, OrcaFlex, as well as OrcaWave and OrcaBend. We work closely with Orcina and other Orcina Agents.

Our goal is to ensure that users of OrcaFlex have access to the best possible technical support and training. We provide regular open training courses throughout the year and company specific training on an as needed basis. We also provide pre-sales support, assisting prospective users see and understand how Orcina products map onto their requirements. 

JTEC also undertakes consulting  and training activities for OrcaFlex-related projects, primarily to assist in best practice usage of OrcaFlex for the design of marine systems.

Consulting related to the analysis and design of offshore systems is undertaken under the auspices of Ocean Flow International, LLC.

For further information regarding OrcaFlex, OrcaBend and OrcaLay, OrcaFlex training and Orcina product technical support contact:

Paul Jacob
Phone +1 713 398 9595
Email pj@jtec-tx.com

Ocean Flow International, Computer Software in Sugar Land, TX

For further information regarding consulting contact:

Paul Jacob
Phone +1 713 328 6717
Email pjacob@ocean-flow.com